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As Japan's exclusive distributor, Cummins Japan, Ltd. is devoted to providing a dependable and reliable support network for all Cummins engine, generator, and parts customers. Our focus is not only maintaining customer loyalty, but complete employee satisfaction as well. In order to maintain unmatched quality and give our customers the power they need to be successful, we employ some of the brightest, most talented individuals in the business. We are concerned with your success as much as we are with the success of our business - Cummins Japan offers competitive salaries, ongoing training and developmental opportunities, and competitive employee benefits. We want to ensure that Cummins Japan is a great place to come to work!

Talent management
Cummins is dedicated to creating a workplace where all employees can cooperate with a sense of ownership and realize their full potential. To that end, the HR team is designing an HR system that strategically nurtures talents to achieve business goals and support each employee’s personal and business capabilities.
Our HR committee ODR (Organization Development Review) is committed to key talent management and development. The ODR runs a system that deploys IDP (Individual Development Plan) to set up and implement plans for career development. The IDP aims at improving both work performance and capabilities of workers.
Leadership training to help workers become true leaders in their fields, training to help new employees, and regular training courses for talent development are also available at Cummins. We are really hands-on in helping new employees adapt to the culture of Cummins and support our longer-term employees with mentoring programs focused on uninterrupted career development.
Along with policies for strategic talent development, Cummins also has policies to keep a desirable work environment in place.
Employee Benefits
We offer a broad range of employment opportunities along with competitive compensation, ongoing training, career development opportunities, excellent benefits, paid time off and holidays, and a great work environment.
•    Support for premiums of major insurance policies
•    Annual health checkup Regular medical check-ups
•    Compensation to long-serving employees
•    Membership of outsourced benefits service (Benefit One)
•    Retirement Allowance Plans (as a lump-sum payment) and a Welfare Pension
•    Health Insurance, Group Life Insurance, and Unemployment Insurance
•    Accident Insurance and Workman’s Compensation for on the job injury
•    Employees Mutual Association
•    Service Awards
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