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Cummins Japan Ltd.

Cummins Japan was established in Tokyo in 1961 to supply parts and service for Cummins powered equipment in Japan. During the past 50 years, the company has grown from a small office in Tokyo to a multi-faceted business serving both OEMs and end customers in Japan.  Cummins Japan supplies engines, power generation equipment, engine components, service and parts to customers in:  construction, rail, mining, marine, government, power generation, truck/bus and agriculture markets.


Cummins Japan 1919
Cummins Inc. founded in the United States.
Cummins Japan, a Japanese corporation, was established as a Komatsu Cummins sales company in October 1961 as a joint venture between Cummins Inc. and Komatsu Ltd. In November the same year, Komatsu entered into a technical partnership with Cummins and Diesel Engine
The General Engine Factory opens in December, 1968.
Share valuation increased to 40M Yen.
Cummins Japan 1976
Since the 1950s private Japanese railways were using imported engines, but the Japanese state-owned railway use domestic engines. JR looked for alternatives. In 1976, Mitsui Mine Tagawa Plant No. 4 was hired, and at private railway, it was first installed in the DD 20 type diesel
Cummins Japan 1985
In January of 1985, Komatsu's licensing agreement ends and the joint venture between Cummins Inc. and Komatsu Ltd. Is canceled. Cummins Japan became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins in January 1985 and is renamed Cummins Diesel Co., Ltd.
With JR beginning privatization in 1989, the Central Japan Railway (JR Tokai) began looking for a replacement engine for the limited express trains Hida and Nanki. Cummins provided DMF 14 HZ, a direct injection intercooler with a turbocharger producing output comparable to 350 HP.
Cummins Japan 1961
Head office in Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo closes, and moves to a new facility on the Minato-ku coast.
Cummins Japan 1961
In January of 2002, the company name was changed to its current name, Cummins Japan Co., Ltd.
Cummins Japan 1961
In November of 2005, the headquarters again moved, this time to Higashitaniya, Ota Ward. The head office, service center, and parts distribution are consolidated into one.
Cummins Japan acquires ISO 9001 in September of 2008.
The headquarters in Higashi-Kojiya, Oota-ku, Tokyo is moved to Kaigan Minato-ku, Parts Distribution Center to Tokai Ota-ku, and a Dealer Training Center is established in Jonanjima Ota-ku.