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Better Reliability and Peace of Mind.


Cummins offers planned generator maintenance that is vital to the reliable operation of any power generation system. One of the most important reasons for having a planned maintenance agreement for your generator is that it offers the peace of mind in knowing that your equipment is protected, and that minor issues get identified prior to becoming major problems. This results in reduced unscheduled downtime, and lower generator repair costs.


Power Generation Planned Maintenance Packages

We provide annual Custom Planned Maintenance Packages based on our experience of powering the world with aggressive investment and leading technologies. Our Planned Maintenance Packages help customers enjoy low maintenance costs and high efficiency. 


Power Generation Planned Maintenance Packages Include:

  • Detailed inspection of lubricating system
  • Inspection for exhaust system restrictions
  • Check for excessive engine vibration
  • Full leak inspection
  • Verification of correct transfer switch operation
  • Record keeping of electrical system and operation status (frequency, voltage, amperage, oil pressure, etc.)


Extensive Service Coverage

Cummins services all generator sets, transfer switches, and switchgear, regardless of the manufacturer. Our experienced and certified generator technicians are knowledgeable on the recommendations for every manufacturer and application.


To learn more about various services including our standard packages, please contact the nearest location to speak with the Power Generation Planned Maintenance personnel in your area, or get a quote through the form below. 


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