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Cummins Fuel Systems

With a decade of experience and hundreds of diesel electric packages in operation globally, Cummins is one of the pioneers in diesel electric propulsion. The company has developed in-house capability to design genset packages and support diesel electric vessels, long offering custom packages through the Cummins marine distribution channel as well as more standardized C Power generator sets from the factory.

  •  Hundreds of diesel electric packages in operation globally
  •  Regular integration meetings begin at vessel concept and continue through commissioning
  • Customized packages for constant and variable speed propulsion feature Cummins marine auxiliary engines matched to customer’s choice of alternator, including Cummins own STAMFORD and AvK, to meet your vessel requirements 
  • Major components designed and built by Cummins as an integrated unit.
  •  Supported by a global network of marine service specialists available 24/7/365

For more information on marine diesel electric packages, please contact your local Cummins Marine specialist.

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