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Cummins Off-Highway engines are durable enough to endure tough conditions like severe heat, humidity, dust, and cold. The strong durability comes from the company's over 90 years of experience in construction and agriculture engines. Even with compact designs, Cummins engines meet toughening emissions regulations and are recognized for high performance in both the domestic and global heavy equipment markets. Providing engines in the range of 2.8~95ℓ for various types of equipment, Cummins backs its customers’ successful business. 
Every time emissions regulations were toughened in Europe and the U.S., Cummins designed and developed engines to meet and exceed the new standards without failure. Currently, Cummins engines provide improved performance based on advanced technology and a single-source after-treatment solution (Cummins Emission Solution). Technology integration enables higher fuel-efficiency.
Cummins engines with a wide power range and greater torque than previous models are used in excavators, wheel loaders, forklift trucks, cranes, air compressors, container handlers, and other industrial equipment of major construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers.


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