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Turnkey Packages Backed by Cummins

Cummins designs and assembles Industrial Power Units that provide power ranging from 30 hp to 2500 hp for a wide variety of equipment including:

Cummins Power Units

  • De-watering pumps
  • Wood chippers
  • Railway maintenance
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Oil field pumps
  • Construction machinery
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Sewer vacuums and pumps
  • Specialty machinery
  • Telecommunication equipment and more

Designed and Built for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Offering a full range of diesel and compressed gas products, Cummins Power Units are a turnkey solution in both open and enclosed platforms from a standard line of base engine models to our customized units specifically engineered for a unique piece of equipment. Cummins Power Units provide unparalleled quality and dependability designed for a wide variety of markets and applications. Each Power Unit is backed by the Cummins worldwide parts and service network, with over 7,000 authorized service locations around the world.

Our Tier 4 final technology solution for Power Units builds upon the proven durability of our Tier 3 Power Units. Cummins has a unique advantage in that we design and manufacture all of the critical engine subsystems and exhaust aftertreatment components. Cummins up-fits the base engine and validates the entire Power Unit package to ensure a completely integrated power package. The total system is optimized for our customers to minimize installation impact and achieve the lowest cost of operation.

To learn more, contact Cummins Japan or a local Cummins authorized dealer.


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