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Genuine Value Just Keeps Getting Better.


From better performance and reliability to timely parts delivery to unmatched warranty and service support, Genuine Cummins new and ReCon parts add value to every type of business, from off-highway industrial uses to applications including construction, industrial, rail, power generation, marine and more.


Why Only Buy Genuine Cummins Parts.

In some ways, one piston might look much like another. Yet closer inspection will reveal that there are dramatic differences between Genuine Cummins Parts and others. Differences in design, manufacturing tolerances and materials translate into greater performance, reliability, and durability. The truth is, Genuine Cummins Parts deliver improved performance and longer life between engine overhauls. Only Genuine Cummins parts:
•    Meet exacting Cummins specifications
•    Utilize advanced materials
•    Incorporate state-of-the-art Cummins design technology
•    Are continuously improved
•    Have an industry-leading warranty
•    Are backed by a worldwide service organization


Cummins Offer Full Range of Genuine ReCon® Parts.

In addition to Genuine Cummins new parts, we offer a full range of Genuine Cummins ReCon parts. ReCon parts from Cummins aren’t just repaired or rebuilt; they’re remanufactured to exact tolerances. Every part is completely torn down, cleaned and brought back to Cummins specifications to ensure top performance, plus they’re backed by a global warranty.

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