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The biggest advantage of having Cummins engines is that you can use the worldwide service network of more than 7,000 in 190 countries. Cummins distributors and dealers are committed to providing customers with the world's highest level of service. Cummins technicians have repeatedly trained for that and have the latest diagnostic tools.

Specialists and service cars familiar with parts distribution center, service shop, special tool, service will deliver high-quality service and genuine parts of Cummins. With easy access to parts, services, warranties and other information, the support team can get the information you need anytime, anywhere to drive the Cummins Power Unit in the best condition.

Cummins always incorporates state-of-the-art technology so that the Cummins engine can be maximized at the minimum cost. Cummins' support network has been providing customers with excellent support and value for decades.


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