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Cummins power is integral to the success of Japanese company Tadano’s rough terrain cranes. 


Around 1000 Cummins engines will be installed in rough terrain cranes manufactured by Tadano this year at its Shido plant in Kagawa, Japan. 
One of the biggest names in cranes globally, Tadano began using Cummins engines in 2003 when it decided to increase its export business. “Cummins is a respected global brand with quality product and a worldwide service support network,” says Minoru Hirose, manager of Tadano’s Quality Assurance Group. “We considered that very important in helping us expand our global reach.”
Last year, 43% of the cranes Tadano manufactured in Japan were exported, and the aim is to increase this to nearly 67% by 2022.
A time-honoured company, Tadano – like Cummins – will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. Founder Masuo Tadano began a small welding company in 1919 and it wasn’t until 1955 – after earlier developing a railroad track maintenance machine – that he introduced Japan’s first hydraulic truck crane, with a 2-ton lifting capacity. The first exports were made in 1960.
The rest, as they say, is history.

Peak of technical prowess
Today, Tadano manufactures all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, telescopic boom crawler cranes, aerial work platforms and truck loader cranes and has production facilities in Japan, Germany, Thailand, India and the US. Emphasising the quality of its products, the company says its manufacturing sites outside Japan share “proven Japanese-style manufacturing technologies…” 
Its rough terrain cranes “represent the peak of Tadano’s technical prowess”, the company asserts, and it’s in this crane category that Cummins and the Japanese manufacturer have forged a strong partnership. 
Tadano builds 1500 to 1800 rough terrain cranes a year at its Shido plant, with up to 75% of production having Cummins engines – QSB6.7 and QSL9, almost all sourced from Komatsu Cummins Engine Co (KCEC) in Japan, and powering cranes with lift capacities from 16 to 160 tons. 
The 6.7-litre QSB with Tier 4 Final emissions compliance – currently the most stringent off-road emissions standard in the world –  is the biggest selling engine in the Tadano line-up with ratings up to 194 kW (260 hp). “The QSB6.7 is compact and lightweight with high power density and its ratings best suit our requirements,” says Shusaku Komatsu from Tadano’s Powertrain Development Unit. 

Cummins’ emissions technology
He rates Cummins’ emissions solutions technology highly, pointing out that the Tier 4 Final engines have been performing reliably in the field. Cummins’ ability to design, develop and integrate all key technologies, from air handling to exhaust aftertreatment, provides benefits in terms of simplicity, packaging and overall efficiency. 
The standard of engines produced by KCEC is another factor enabling Tadano to underpin its key messages such as quality and dependability, while Cummins’ strong technical and aftermarket support are other important elements contributing to the Japanese company’s success.
Some impressive performance data emerges when you look closely at the specifications of Tadano’s rough terrain cranes. For example, the top-rated unit, the GR-1600XL designed for North America, is powered by the Tier 4 Final QSB6.7 and has a lifting capacity of 160 US tons – the highest capacity in the world for this class of crane. It has a six-section boom length of 61 metres (the longest in its class) and a maximum lifting height of 61.3 metres with the boom alone, increasing to 92.2 metres with the boom, jib and optional jib insert. 
A telematics system called HELLO-NET is also offered, providing a range of operational data to determine machine efficiency while helping plan maintenance and inspection schedules.
Tadano makes no secret of the fact it aims to become No.1 globally in the lifting equipment industry. ‘Lifting your dreams’ is the company slogan and with its commitment to quality and determination to continued growth worldwide, the dreams could well become a reality.



“Cummins is a respected global brand with quality product and a worldwide service support network.”

  • Tadano GR-1600XL designed for North America is powered by the Tier 4 Final Cummins QSB6.7.
  • Cummins QSL9 with Tier 4 Final emissions compliance being fitted to a Tadano rough terrain crane chassis at its Shido plant.
  • Tadano introduced Japan’s first hydraulic truck crane in 1955, with a 2-ton lifting capacity.

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